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Explore Harrogate's vegan food scene.

Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours

Yorkshire Appetite is based in Harrogate and was started to help visitors experience a great few hours finding out more about our towns and why both have been known as the happiest place to live in the UK. in the last few years. Locally owned and run, Yorkshire Appetite wanted to take visitors on a journey around our beautiful towns of Harrogate and York and entertain them - finding out about the key historical and cultural sites - and in between, enjoy what all visitors to Yorkshire enjoy - food and drink. Both places are lucky to have a bustling independent food and drink industry and we want you to be able to savour a selection of tasty foods and good drinks. Harrogate has a history of hospitality from its Victorian heyday as a leading European spa to its current standing as a leading exhibition and conference centre, and York has been host to many visitors since Roman times and before! We simply love visitors and we want you to love our Yorkshire as much as we do!

Food Ambassadors

Kay Atkinson

Kay loves to travel and to eat! After taking her first food tour in 2011 in Chicago she was blown away by the experience – all the things she likes in one: wandering around a new place soaking up the sounds and smells, finding out about history and culture and getting a feel for a place and finally, trying local foods and drinks. Kay and her family live in Harrogate and are very happy to do so and want to share the great things about Yorkshire with visitors and so was born Yorkshire Appetite!

Louise Rodgers

Louise is our guide for all things York and Vegan!  Another traveller with a long love affair with the Food Tour, Louise is a born and bred Yorkshire Lass who always returns home to her roots however far she may travel.   Louise lives in Harrogate with her husband Adrian and beloved English Bull Terrier Bootsie Collins.  With a passion for food and for sharing that enthusiasm with visitors she is a integral part of the Yorkshire Appetite Team!

Jill Laurillard

Jill is the latest welcome addition to our team and is enjoying meeting the visitors on our classic Harrogate Tour. A long time devotee to food tours around the world, Jill now lives in North Leeds with her husband, Mark and grown up son, Matthew.  Jill very much regards Harrogate as a second home having got married in the town and is quite the expert on the coffee shops of Harrogate!

Ellen Miller

Leeds Food Tours

Ellen, who goes by Nell for short, has been eating and drinking her way around Leeds for the last 10 years. Living the heart of the city centre, she can’t resist a quick trip out to try the latest restaurant and she’s passionate about promoting local, independent businesses. She’s also a huge advocate of Leeds Kirkgate Market, visiting several times a week to do her shopping and catch up on the latest market gossip with her favourite butchers at Malcolm Michael’s!