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April Newsletter – We’re only here for the beer!

on April 15, 2019

At Yorkshire Appetite, we love a collaboration of food/drink and culture so we are delighted that back for a third year is Women on Tap, a UK celebration of women & beer. Taking place from 1st to 5th May, there is a whole programme of events across several of our favourite bars in the town including Starling, Corner Haus, Harrogate Tap, Little Ale House and more. These include a wonderful showcase of popular comedian Maisie Adams, a music showcase and a one day Women in Beer Conference. Not to mention the Beer school, BEER SCHOOL – that sounds fun – introduction to beer, British Beer, European Beer, Dark Beer, Advanced Beer tasting, what’s not to love. Basically a huge party celebrating not only women and beer, but the fantastic beer destination that is Yorkshire. Check out EVENTS 2019 on their website.

It was the Yorkshire on Show 2019 last Wednesday where we celebrated ten years of Welcome to Yorkshire. It made us realise the many wonderful things that Yorkshire has hosted over the years (Tour de France – a joyous combination of ooh la la and ee bah gum) and the many things that are coming up this year (Yorkshire Sculpture Festival!). We met the girls from The Grand hotel in York who were telling us all about their new cookery school in this delightful hotel right inside York’s walls. It has a state of the art facility with 16 individual cooking stations with a comfortable dining area to enjoy the fruits of your labour plus excellent demonstration facilities for students to see their tutors up close. With a range of courses taking place both in the evening (steak course anyone?) or full day (Seafood Extravaganza) there may well be something that suits your culinary ambitions.

Veganism is growing, there is no doubt about it. Whether the lifestyle is adopted for ethical or health reasons, the research showing a link between a meat rich diet and poor health is very strong. An interesting topic of discussion within veganism is the gender imbalance in those adopting this diet. There are more female vegans than males and a recent twitter poll aimed at men showed 45% saying the reason they don’t give up meat is social stigma. It is apparently not ‘manly’ to give up meat, as shown by the new term “soyboys” often spoken in derogatory tone! We have had a fair balance of the sexes on our vegan tour but while the females are ‘full vegan’ their partners have often admitted to a lower percentage e.g. eating vegan 90% of the time. Come on boys, don’t dismiss its benefits and come along on the next Vegan tour on 27th April – a few spaces left – to try out the tasty possibilities for yourself! Be proud of your veganism!

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