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February Newsletter- A Northern Food Tour with a Difference

on February 15, 2019

In 2018, Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours was most honoured to be shortlisted for Newcomer of the Year in the Harrogate Hospitality and Tourism Awards. Although we were pipped at the post by Starling Independent Beer and Coffee House, despite what the photo here may suggest, there were no hard feelings! Starling, of course, are an integral part of our Harrogate Tour and have supported us as our meeting point and first stop since we began. Voting for this years’ awards is open and we will be supporting our partners, Hales and Starling, for these awards and if you would like to get behind them too then you can vote using this link here<>

Has your own experience of Japanese food been limited to Yo Sushi? There are some great opportunities at present to go beyond the multi-coloured conveyor belt to try exquisite authentic Japanese dishes. First of all, on our York Food Tour we visit Ippuku Tea House which has proved extremely popular with their modern twists on traditional recipes and the owners, Fran and Tatsu, along with Imogen and the team are there to help you with recommendations. We guarantee that after a visit here the scales will fall from your eyes and your taste buds will be forever grateful for their wake up to Japanese cuisine. Also new in Harrogate is Domo Japanese restaurant on Montpellier Street which is picking up some VERY positive reviews. Again if you don’t know your Takoyaki from your Sashimi, then the helpful staff will guide you in your selection!

If you want to an opportunity to celebrate something in February, then of course there is your usual Valentine’s Day but of course, in York they like to do something different. York’s Viking Festival takes place on 20th to 27th February. The Vikings came to Jorvik in 866 and quite liked it, thank you very much so decided to stick around for over a hundred years. The festival relives the times, bar the pillaging, by encouraging modern day people to don Viking costumes, re-enact battles, celebrate important Viking characters, male and female, and find out how the northern invaders lived.

What would a Viking Food Tour be like? Well, you could start with some delicious stew; a brown liquid made up of boiled lamb bones, peas, carrots and turnips with a thin crust of fat formed over it. Mopped up with some crusty flat bread. The main would be salted fish, pork or goat, eaten with a sharp pointed knife, used as both knife AND fork. Tasty morsels for dessert could include wild plums or crab apples or a little honey on buttered bread. All washed down by beer or, popularly, mead. OR… maybe, just maybe, treat you and your loved ones to our York Tour to find out what other settlers in York brought to the culinary scene.

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