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on August 20, 2018

Food Tours – making the most of your Harrogate Experience.

When you visit a new town, what do you like to do? I like to wander around, getting a feel for the place. I like to know some interesting facts about the buildings and sites I see but I didn’t have time to do background research. I like to sample local food and products – but again, I didn’t do the research – where is a handy local to whisper this information into my ear? I like to eat and drink – and try out new and interesting independent cafes and restaurants – but which ones do I choose?

A food tour can allow you to do all these things – to experience the culinary and cultural highlights a town easily in the hands of our tour guide (me, in this case) without having to read guide books, spend hours on the internet or wander round with a map and smartphone. Food tours grew up in America and that is where I experienced my first one in Chicago in 2011. It was such a great experience I immediately went on another one in Chicago and now when I go on holiday or for a visit to a new place, a food tour is the first thing I look for. Rome’s food tour was another highlight (my mouth still waters when I think about it).

The concept is straightforward – we stop at 6 local establishments, all part of our thriving independent food and drink scene, where we sample some fantastic tasting Yorkshire Fare and we give you an insight into the stories and histories of these businesses. In between stops we tell you about the history of Harrogate and the beautiful buildings and areas of our elegant Spa town. Think of it as a long lunch with a gentle stroll between courses – you will feel pleasantly full at the end – both in mind and stomach and so it represents very good value for money – it includes all your food and drink, of which there is plenty and when you factor that in – it is a very reasonable price.

It is a local independent business and it also supports local independent businesses. You get to sample a range of delicious food and you may want to return later for a larger portion – we offer discounts for the customers of Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours. So please support this new venture, come on a tour – it’s a great experience both for new visitors and for locals alike – and a fantastic present for someone who has everything!

Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours welcomes you to Harrogate!

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