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Valentine’s Day – Ten Suggestions of Gifts with a Difference

on January 16, 2020

Are you in the mood for love? Ideas that will impress your loved ones.

Regardless of what anyone says about the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day, everyone likes to be shown how much they are loved and sometimes a box of Thorntons (other chocolates are available) and a limp red rose just don’t cut it. Here at Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours, we are suggesting some different ideas of how to show your beloved just how much you care. Some are bought gifts, some are hand made gifts, some are experiences – hopefully you will know which one of these will float their boat or nourish their soul. Good luck as we launch into our ten ideas to show your love.

1. Take them on a Food Tour.

Food and love go together like tea and biscuits. You can go out for a meal together any time of the year but a food tour puts that extra special spin on the sharing of great food. A gentle stroll round Harrogate or York, learning about what makes it special and more importantly, stopping at five of our best independents to taste some Yorkshire fare. It’s like a romantic walk and five small romantic meals in one! What could be better! The first twenty to book a tour using the code LOVE20 will get 10% off.

2. Treat them to an evening of Wine Tasting

Don’t just drink it, live it, taste it, discover it. Zinc is a little friendly bar in John Street in the centre of Harrogate. Every month, there is a wine tasting hosted by Patrice where for around £29 you receive five courses, each accompanied by a different wine and Patrice will present the wines between each course. You will not only experience lovely food and wine but become quite the expert too! Phone Olivier on 07710427685 for dates and booking. .

3. Treasure Hunt

This requires a bit of work on your part but that effort will show your love (aaahhh). You can lay some clues in particular place and they can lead to either gifts, treats or maybe places of meaning to you, for example, where you first met or where you first declared your love. If you want to just add some extra dimension to a romantic night in or a romantic night out, then you can set the scene with some clues. Below are a few links to give you some ideas but you can release your own creativity!

4. Scrap book

This too requires some preparation. The preparing bit is the buying of a nice notebook, or scrapbook. Luckily these days, Paperchase and such like have some beauties for the girls and manly ones for the boys so you have no excuse. Then there is the collecting of items to put in the scrapbook. Let your imagination run wild but some suggestions: photos obviously, love notes, memorabilia (table napkins, postcards) from places that mean a lot to you both. Even things like their favourite flower/football team sticker. It shows love and care and will be something to keep.

5. Night at the beach

It’s a bit chilly this time of year and there is still a little while to go before the summer but on Valentine’s Day you can pretend you’re on holiday. No I don’t mean paying more than usual for a meal and struggling to ask for custard with your pudding. I mean, set the scene. Heating up ( a necessity), deckchairs (or towels) on the floor, beach wear or shorts, sunglasses, cocktails, Ibiza chill out music or Hawaiian music if you’re old school. Get some movies sorted of a holiday or summer theme: Mama Mia, Shirley Valentine, Spring Break, and many more. To appeal to the more leftfield of lovers. Summer loving, had me a blast…..

Greatest Summer Films

6. Gift that keeps on giving

This idea is for an actual gift, but not just any gift, but the gift that keeps on giving. One which will last three months, six months or the whole year. This will show your lover you’re in it for the long haul. For the beer lovers or wine lovers among you, subscribe to a club that sends a new one every month and arrange for a romantic message for each delivery. There are all sorts of possibilities; hand made biscuits every month, books, spices, curries, the possibilities are many or you can just remember yourself to give a rose every month. Check out below for some ideas..

Subscription gift ideas

7. Coupons

Not for a free copy of The Times or 25% off your next burger at Macdonalds. I mean Lerve Tokens: As in “this coupon entitles the holder to ……one foot rub, one evening in without you, a pub lunch, a meal cooked for you…….night out with the lads, king of the remote control……breakfast in bed, clean the children’s football kit, candle lit meal – any little thing that your loved one would like; the little things that can mean so much. Then they can redeem them at any time over the next year. Another gift that keeps on giving.

8. Museum

Museums and galleries are often free. What they contain is interesting and it’s a very nice way to spend a couple of hours together. No distractions, musing over the historical details, getting involved in the interactive displays. Buying arty postcards and a decent pencil at the gift shop. Coffee and cultured chat in the onsite café. You will feel cultured together and we do have some most excellent museums in these parts: Nidderdale in Pateley Bridge, Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, Leeds City Museum, Museum of Moving Image in Bradford; we have some right good ones in Yorkshire.

9. Indoor garden

Does your partner like flowers and plants? Does your partner aspire to be gardener but doesn’t have the time or, in fact, the garden. Then again, let your creativity go and create them their own miniature indoor garden. You can choose your design from a Japanese Zen garden to a Cactus garden, it is small and very easy to maintain but it will be their garden and their garden alone and for that, they will love it and you for making it.

10. Baking together

The Great Valentines Bake Off. Imagine it, cooking together in the kitchen, each partner making their own signature Chelsea buns (other bakes are available) and then get the kids/neighbour/friend to blind judge the finished article. You can give a running commentary and make your own double entendres – make Mel and Sue proud (or Sandi and Noel). A bit of healthy competition and a bit of fun. Get ready – BAKE!

So we hope you have given you some ideas that will make this Valentines Day one to remember. We highly recommend our Food Tours, they a great experience to be taken together and we do all the work for you. Click here to read more about the tour and remember – The first twenty to book a tour using the code LOVE20 will get 10% off. Love IS a many splendored thing.

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