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April Newsletter – If you can’t come to Yorkshire, let Yorkshire come to you!

on April 16, 2020

As our tasting partners and our lovely customers are staying safe indoors, judging by the lack of flour in the supermarkets (ahem) there must be a lot of baking or cooking going on. At Yorkshire Appetite HQ, we have tried Bakewell Tarts, Battenburg Cake, Upside Down Pineapple Cake, and of course we are still trying to perfect our Yorkshire puddings. Well, to be honest, still trying to make a decent one! Still they are useful for tennis in the garden! So we are going to share with you – Kay’s Grandma’s (the lovely Mabel) own Fat Rascal Recipe. To quote a local café owner who sells ‘Yorkshire Scoundrels’, “Bettys does not have a monopoly on a scone”!

I have taken the liberty of converting the oz into grams!

200g self raising flour Pinch of salt
100g butter 75g soft brown sugar
50g currants 75g sultanas
2 tbsp water or 1 beaten egg (it was wartime) Cherries and almonds for the face.

Sift salt and flour together. Rub butter into flour until it is like breadcrumbs. Add sugar and fruit and mix well. Stir in egg or water and make into soft dough. Roll out and cut into rounds about ½ inch thick. Bake in a hot oven for about ten minutes at 220 C. You can see the result above – courtesy of Harrogate Guide Jill -our rascals have one more tooth than Bettys’ (that’s Bettys’ Rascals, not Betty herself!)

The original recipe for Fat Rascals is thought to be Elizabethan and they originate from Yorkshire and Durham. Another name for them is thought to be “North Riding Turf Cakes” as they were little cakes made with leftovers of dough at the end of the day and cooked over turf fires. They were originally made with lard, hence FAT rascals, obesity not being rife in Elizabethan times!!

So if you are looking for a treat, you can recreate the Afternoon Tea experience at home. Dig out that cake stand and your best china and if you can get a family member to wait on you, even better (Victorian dress optional!) and enjoy!

Do follow us on facebook or Instagram as we are still around and are looking forward to getting out to taste delicious Yorkshire fare once more. While most of our tasting partners are in lockdown, some are still delivering (Papas Authentic Mediterranean and Cold Bath Deli in Harrogate and Ippuku Tea House in York) so you can still discover the taste of Yorkshire from the comfort of your own home. Gift Vouchers are still available – from ourselves of course but many places are doing them as a way to tempt you once we are free once more (Major Tom’s Social Bar for one) but we are all looking forward to the days when we can get back out there and support our local independents and show you the delights of Yorkshire Food.

Please share with us photos of your new cooking and baking efforts on our social media!

Stay Safe and happy eating!

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