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December Newsletter – Do you fancy your own Food Tour?

on December 20, 2019

Appetite for Freedom has launched! A two day training workshop for people who want to run their own Food Tour Business. You will come away from the workshop with a manual and the knowledge and tools you need to set up a really fantastic experience for your visitors. It may seem simple but any of you who have been on a few food tours will know they differ in quality and in fact a food tour is a ‘carefully choreographed food ballet’. Attending a workshop can help you avoid mistakes and give you the advantage of a proven business model. A business with a low start-up cost, low overheads and flexibility to be run around your existing responsibilities. It is a really enjoyable enterprise and you get to meet interesting people and have fun and really get to know your local food community as well as learning more about your own town. We offer a two day workshop with continued support at a very reasonable price. Food Tourism is growing year upon year so why not be part of it. Click herefor the link to the Appetite for Freedom website.
Yorkshire appetite went to the Leeds Vegan Winterfest in December to promote our vegan tour. It was a little colder than our last Vegan Festival there in June but the people of Leeds still turned out in good numbers to see what they had to offer. There was an enormous selection of very tasty looking vegan cakes and the queue for the vegan fish and chips was pretty long! Even dogs got in on the act with vegan dog treats and there were also some inspiring stories of people whose health had been turned around by veganism. If you’re thinking of trying veganism for Veganuary then come on out vegan tour – not only do you get delicious food, but you get to see what restaurants are offering for their vegan customers and we find our vegan tourees are very much into sharing tips and advice and product knowledge as we go round on the tour. Of course, our visitors were also fed by some very tasty Mr Vegan cakes and we had our prize draw – click here to see the result.

Do you follow Yorkshire Appetite on Instagram or Facebook? If not, why not? I’ll send the boys round (joking!). In this festive season, we have been looking at what people eat in other areas of the world to celebrate Christmas. What with the turkey actually being a relatively new interloper from the Americas, tastes change. Geese must have been delighted. The Mopane worm in South African, which we at Yorkshire Appetite, have actually tried – tasted just like chicken!. Not really, tasted like you would expect a crispy worm to taste! If you think a Christmas Cake must be made well in advance, think about the poor Inuits in Greenland who, to prepare their festive ‘Mattak’ have to ferment their seabird stuffed seal skin for seven months before it is ready. KFC is apparently very popular to eat at Christmas in China – the red and white logo reminds them of Santa, perhaps.
To finish, all of us at Yorkshire Appetite would like to wish you a Very Happy Christmas and New Year. In 2019 we welcomed double the amount of visitors than we did in 2018 so a huge thank you to those who came to visit us and may we all spread the word of the delight of food tours. Happy Eating!

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