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June Newsletter: Anyone for Strawberries?

on June 18, 2020

As yet we have no definite date for reopening our tours as we want to ensure that everyone will be safe when we do so we are working with our tasting partners to put measures in place to make us COVID-safe once we do reopen.  We are pleased that we were still able to enjoy local food through delivery and takeaway and we particularly enjoyed a feast fit for a king from Papas Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant last weekend.  We have our eye on the Pairings Experience where you can enjoy this fine York wine bar’s delicious cheese and wine at home.   We are so looking forward to resuming the tours and we are optimistic as always.  The tourism industry is re-emerging slowly and travel companies have started planning for the summer and beyond.  I hope those of you with vouchers have managed to extend them, if not, do contact us and we will do what we can to make sure you get the food tour experience.

Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey about our proposed Yorkshire Appetite Goodie Box. We have had a very positive response and it is coming soon! At Yorkshire Appetite, as you can imagine, we have thoroughly enjoyed researching the great Yorkshire products to go in them of which there are plenty!.  We aim to launch later in the summer – we will keep you posted.

Wimbledon would be almost upon us and many will be missing the atmosphere and those lazy summer afternoons and evenings spent watching the action with a glass of bubbly and some strawberries and cream. Don’t worry, you can recreate it at home, with your family or your support bubble.  You Tube allows you to watch not only previous full matches but also many entertaining highlights or top tens!  . You may or may not remember the results from first time around but the action is still entertaining.    Treat yourself to a bottle of cold champagne (Prosecco counts, and I do like a nice Cava).

Strawberries are in season right now and not only are they a tasty morsel but they have great properties; a great source of Vitamin C, B19 and potassium, are low in calories (32 per 100g) and make you happy! Garden strawberries were first grown in Brittany in the 1750s but wild strawberries have been enjoyed for centuries and even mentioned in Roman Literature where they were used as medicine to help depressive illnesses. Who knew?

And where there are strawberries, there should be cream.  Cardinal Thomas Wolsey thought up the pairing of strawberries and cream in 1509 for a banquet during the reign of Henry VIII.  It proved a popular and long-lasting winning combination.  Wimbledon first served it in 1877 and it continues today as a popular tradition; now the strawberries are picked in the morning in Kent and delivered the same day to the All England Club.  Luckily for us, there is no shortage of the fruit in our local supermarkets at the moment. Before I leave you to rush out and buy your berries, cream and fizz, here’s a few strawberry facts you can amaze your friends with:

Found a double strawberry?  Split it in two and share it with someone you like, you’ll soon fall in love according to folklore.  Overdone on the sunbathing, mix a bit of strawberry juice with honey and rub it into the skin before washing it off with warm water and lemon juice. It will soothe your sunburn.Around 28,000 kg of strawberries are consumed during the Wimbledon fortnight each year – don’t be left out!

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