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March Newsletter: Mothers and Vegans (one, the other or both!)

on March 15, 2019

The last Sunday of March is a special day – for mothers and children, young or adult. It’s a time to celebrate the one person on this earth who loves you the most, who will always be your supporter and the one who made sure you were ready to face all the trials and tribulations of the world. Food is at the centre of so family relationships – and rituals! Whether it’s your mum’s classic roast that no one else can quite accomplish or the friendly ribbing of those mothers who haven’t quite got the hang of cooking (I’m saying nothing, daughters!). We used to love how my mum served the Yorkshires first with gravy and salt but less so how the cheese on the cheese on toast never quite went up to the edges! So share a food tasting experience with your mother where she doesn’t have to cook but gets to sample several yummy dishes and share an afternoon with her daughters or sons. We have welcomed quite a few family groups on the tours and we have heard many a tale of family meal times! Use code LOVE18 for 10% discount!

On our York Tour, we have a new addition as our dessert stop. Our York tour celebrates York’s relationship with the world, be it the people who have made it their home – thank you Ippuku, Los Moros and A’Roma – but also the sweet stuff; chocolate and sugar; that have found their way here and upon which York’s economy has thrived. We are stopping at the Chopping Block for Sticky Toffee Pudding and I quote from one of our visitors earlier this month “the best sticky toffee pudding I’ve ever had”. Absolutely divine is the only way to describe it and the Chopping Block is a great atmospheric destination; a 17th century building with a history and its very own ghost!

As you know, not only do we do our Classic Harrogate and York food tours but since last September we have had our monthly Vegan tour which has been enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike and shown how Harrogate restaurants are stepping up to the mark when it comes to supplying delicious food for the plant based among us. It has always been surprising to us that there is not an exclusively vegetarian or vegan restaurant in the town, which is saying something with the amount we have! But now that has changed. Zinc, on John Street (or Banyan Alley to many a local) has always been a delight of the local restaurant scene; £10 for a set three course meal, all superb and in a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. Now specialising in vegetarian and vegan food – it is getting very good reviews such as this one on Happy Cow “Wonderful place. Finally Harrogate has a vegetarian / vegan restaurant. It has been 10 years! Magnificent 5 course meal in an intimate, friendly environment. The personal touch is very evident and you can feel the passion for the food. Superb and only going to get better”. Try it for yourself!

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