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September Newsletter – Festivals and Festive Celebrations

on September 22, 2019

We have some new offerings for the Christmas Party season. Many of you will be having those conversations in the workplace around now as to what to do for the office Christmas party. We have some ideas for something a little different – all involving food and drink of course so let us do the organising for you. All events start at 6pm and there are five events to choose from. We have a Christmas Tasting Tour for those adventurous types, wine tasting for the cultured, poker for the competitive, games for the silly and festive cocktail and tapas. Have a look at our events offered on our website HERE and choose a potential date and then email us. All done. As to getting the money off the various participants, I’m afraid I can’t help you but I have found gentle persistent persuasion and withholding the office tea bags useful tools to part people from their cash. All our events promise a great taste experience and fun. Try something different! Book before October 15th to get a discount! This year, to start us off, all events are in Harrogate. Next year, York, thereafter, the world!

To those of you who attended the Harrogate Food and Drink Festival up at Ripley, a big thank you. It was a great event, and even more so thanks to the fantastic weather we experienced. We were delighted to meet so many of you there and hope you enjoyed our tastings courtesy of Mr Vegan Cakes, Old Mout Cider and Brewdog. I know there were several million wasps (it felt like) who also found them quite irresistible! Those of you who signed up for our prize draw will be pleased to see our video of the prize draw for the free food tour (featuring Mr Vegan Cakes himself) and we are looking forward to seeing many of you on one of our tours. The tasting highlights of the festival for us were the limited edition Marmalade Gin from Slingsby, nice and orangey, the Ale and Mustard cheese from Great British Cheese Company; with our stall being next to them I had a lot of cheese based meals that weekend. The chilli vodka from Priory vodka certainly gave us all a kick, woo! Our next outing as a promotional stand will be at Winterfest Christmas Market in Leeds in December so look out for us on the 8th.

As some of the more eagle eyed amongst you have probably noticed a lot of rather strange lycra clad beings in Harrogate, an inability to walk across the Stray as usual and a lower car usage this week. Unfortunately at Yorkshire Appetite we had to suspend our Harrogate Tours this week due to people, road closures, busy tasting partners etc but it gave us the opportunity to concentrate on York and rather handily it is, this very week, the York Food and Drink Festival and we have welcomed a number of visitors onto extra Festival tours of York (still few tickets available for next week – discounted prices!). So not only do visitors get the opportunity to do one of our tours but there is also so much more on in York at this time. We are particularly taken with the York Taste Trail where for £6 for one, or £9 for two, you get the chance to visit a huge number of places on the food scene and have a little taster in each one. What a fantastic idea! Get there immediately and check it out!

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