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February newsletter – Award Season is here and we’re invited!

on February 18, 2020

We are celebrating this month at Yorkshire Appetite for being shortlisted as a Finalist in the York Tourism Awards 2020. Our York Tour has been recognised for New Tourism Business of the Year and we are delighted. Since we started the York Tour at the beginning of last year it has gone from strength to strength and it is a great recognition not only for Louise, who has been guiding the tour with enthusiasm and pizzazz since its conception, but also to our great tasting partners. It takes a leap of faith for restaurants and cafes to fully involve themselves in a food tour when it is something new to them but without exception they have supported us wholeheartedly and their delicious offerings have helped make the food tour what it is. For those of you who have yet to experience the York Tour, it is of the same format as the others – five delicious tastings in five independents but it also tells a story of the development of York and how the city’s relationship with the world has shaped the York we know and love today. The scrumptious tastings include Japanese and North African Cuisine as well as, of course, cheese and the sweet basis of York itself – Chocolate. As a celebration of the recognition, we are offering the first ten people to book onto the tour, 20% off with the Code YORKAWARD20.

A mere month away is Mother’s Day, Sunday 22nd March and there is no time like the present to decide how you are going to show your mother you appreciate her. The most popular way apparently is to provide breakfast in bed but coming in closely behind is spending a day with your mother and this of course is where we come in. A food tour with your mother is a win/win scenario – she gets a treat, you get a treat. We have had lots of mother/daughter and mother/son pairings on our tours and it is lovely way to spend a precious day together, bonding over the great sharing experience that is good food. If you want to go Afternoon Tea then ours “with a little extra Harrogate Style” is a new way to enjoy the ceremony or you may want to spend longer and come on our Harrogate and York tours. We are putting on a special tour of all three tours on Mothering Sunday so book now and guarantee your space or go for breakfast in bed and a voucher for enjoying the tour at a later date. You won’t be disappointed.

Food Tourism is the exploration of food as the key purpose of travel and people look to food in order to get a real sense of a place. There is no doubt that the appetite for food tourism is growing. In fact, the world culinary tourism market is expected to grow at a rate of 9% over the next four years and travellers, both international and domestic, look more and more for experiences beyond the usual eating out at local restaurants. They want to get a feel for a place through food, and food tours are a fantastic way to take the risk out trying new places and potentially being disappointed. Food tour operators do the work for visitors in finding the interesting places to eat and the delicious local fare to eat, visitors can simply be guided to enjoying all the good things a place has to offer. There are great food producers and restaurants all over this country and every place has a potential food tour offering. If you want to be part of the growing food tourism business, then Appetite for Freedom, our training for food tours branch, can help you devise and run your own Food Tour in your area. It is a great business opportunity with low start up costs and overheads that is adaptable to your own lifestyle. It is tremendous fun to do as well. Have a look at our website or email us here to find out more.

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