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New Places to Eat and Enjoy in Harrogate 2018

on May 3, 2018


The Potting Shed opens in Harrogate in May.   It is where Revolucion de Cuba USED to be, next to the back of Weatherspoons in the Royal Baths Building – a good size. Think plants, green, rustic and wooden, with a large menu of homemade food, all the usual fare: light bites, burgers, pizzas, mains, sandwiches and roasts and a varied range of thirst quenching drinks.   These will be joined by such offers as Fizz Friday for those who like the Proseccos of the world and Wine Club and Cocktails 2 for 1.   It is one of 6 that have opened around Yorkshire in the last couple of years.


Scran restaurant opened in the Yorkshire Hotel with a flourish at the end of March.  The Chef is well known local chef Dean Sowden who was the man behind Deano’s Graze and Grill, a popular eating spot in the town.  The menu is packed with contemporary and imaginative dishes, made from local produce. You can choose from the bar menu from 12 – 6pm or the Main Menu until 9.30 pm. Every Monday from 6pm they are offering Asahi and Burger night with a prime steak burger and a pint of Asahi for only £10.  Fairly priced for the quality and quantity of food you get, there is a great mix of dishes which are different and inspired.  Special mentions for the Cajun grilled seabass in a taco and the banoffee pudding.


Mojo has arrived in Harrogate. It opened its doors on Friday April 20 on Parliament Street between Nando’s and Weatherspoons.   The idea for Mojo originated in Yorkshire with its ‘Music for the People’ bar opening in Leeds in 1996.  The bar has an American dive bar vibe providing food and drink and great music. As well as the main bar it will have a Rhum Room for those who prefer their drinks a little quieter and will also host cocktail masterclasses and the like.  It is open from 11.30 am to 4 am every day – so plenty of time for you to get their and experience the new kid on the block.


Opened just before Christmas, this new deli in town is a welcome newcomer to the bustling Cold Bath Road.  In what was Lengs fruit and veg for many years, Tracey and Peter sell local produce and delicious food with a New York twist. They sell great Yorkshire produce, Yorkshire rhubarb and also great bagels made in the synagogue bakery in Leeds.  They want a deli which will be a part of the community and which will bring the community together.  There are a delicious range of healthy salads, and something a little different every day – stuffed vine leaves, the most delicious salmon fishcakes and the sweet hibiscus and clementine hot drink is THE tastiest hot drink every.


Another great deli but this time in the bustling Kings Road area near Bilton, number 146 to be precise.   A Portuguese flavour with a wide range of delicatessen and charcuterie, to give your taste buds the wake-up call they need to healthy and tasty new flavours.   One of their specialities is the queijadas, the ‘cupcakes’ made with cheese, eggs,  milk and sugar and one that you must try.  A wide range of gluton free produce, thank you Santar.


A welcome addition to the Thai cuisine scene in Harrogate. For too long, Sukothai and the Orchid were the only offerings but now there is a new kid on the block.  Good quality at a reasonable price. Great reviews for the food – delicious : “Tom yum ka soup was massive and amazing with the flavours”;  the service – outstanding: “we asked for a recommendation and the waiter kindly gave us his thoughts, instead of the usual ‘Its all great!’” and the ambiance: “The restaurant has a really nice almost rustic atmosphere”,  once you step through the door it’s almost like you are in Thailand.” Definitely worth a try.


Always a pleasure this quiz.  Hosted by the ever inventive quizmaster Monroe, it includes delights such as the rock, paper, scissors round and extra bonus points up for grabs with extra anagram puzzles and such. The beauty of this quiz is that the results are never predictable.  While other quizzes are dominated by a few good teams, all the teams here have their strengths and while some rounds are ever present – the music round for one – other rounds are specialist and chosen by the losing team each round so while you may be an expert on Harry Potter, you may not an expert on stars and the universe and Switzerland so you can never predict the outcome or what you will have to do next. Paper aeroplanes, bad drawing, jellybeans.  Well worth the £1 entry fee.


This is a new event that is just ideal for a Saturday afternoon.   Harrogate Theatre is hosting showcases of live local musical talent in their Circle Bar which is a beautiful space serving a range of refreshing beverages including  a selection of locally brewed beers.  From 4 – 6pm, you can relax and admire the musical endeavours of the best of the district.  It is once a month with the next ones coming up 2nd June and on 7th July.   Last month was the very talented Jonathan Skinner and brilliant acoustic duo, Steamtown!   And even better – it’s free – so pop in and have a listen any time between 4 and 6.


No one could have missed the hullabaloo that accompanied the opening of The Ivy – the Harrogate version of the hang out of the rich and famous in London.  It is an all day restaurant so you can enjoy breakfast, a coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or the full blown dinner there is an all-encompassing menu which will delight the diners.  The reviews suggest a place of elegant with good service with good quality dishes and a good atmosphere.  The prices are just reasonable enough to be within the possibility of many for an outing to the new fancy Harrogate dining experience.

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